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The Critical 10

Skilling and apprenticeship Program


The Critical 10 program is an empowerment initiative for both youth and women. It’s a vehicle that the organization uses to speak about unwanted pregnancies, early marriages by providing information on Sexual Reproductive Health, eliminate Gender Based Violence, empower and equip unemployed/disadvantaged youth and young mothers with practical employability, entrepreneurship skills to create, innovate, sustain and professionalize their businesses for self-sustainability and social inclusion. Through this program, many youths are able to go back to school, gain practical skills, become community health key informants and become leaders within their communities. In all our programs we encounter cross cutting issues that fall in different sectors including social, psychological, health and legal. This has necessitated offshoot programs that support the core vision of the organization.


It’s our duty to educate the girl-child, empower the women as well as improve their livelihoods to eliminate the different challenges they face within their communities. The Critical 10 program is an initiative within the slums aiming at inspiring and empowering young mothers and domestically violated women. Our trainings focus on supporting the community people to start, sustain and professionalize their businesses to improve their living conditions and improve on their knowledge of SRH to reduce on unwanted pregnancies and avoiding early marriages. The program also organizes youth markets to access market for their products.

Our goal is to raise a new generation of independent youth from the slum areas to champion community development. Our programs rotate around Makindye, Nakawa, Kawempe, Rubaga, and Central Regions of Kampala, Uganda.

Program Activities:
• Mindset change
• Training in SRH and Leadership
• Training in practical entrepreneurship and employability skills
• Youth market / Forums for leaders
• Apprenticeship placemen

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