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A child`s groom upon growth molds them to becoming the shine in their future. Smiles are inevitable for the gentle and blank minds they possess, and playing is healthy for their age.

Arms Around Africa foundation plays role in making it happen for children to feel equally important and shower joy underneath their skin by participating in playing with children and provide toys for them to enjoy this stage of growth.

The foundation made a trip to Blue Dales School in Makindye division, in a children`s day out and fun moment, and indeed it was more than value to the children. This is one of the programs designed among the many for children to be proud of. The Arms Around Africa Foundation #HappyChildrenMobileCentre is set to increment moments of memories in the young age by enabling children to access toys and have fun with fellow age-mates and the foundation`s crew , at school, home, birthday parties or even any other children`s event.

In the eyes of children the world is as easy as imagined, but as humans, we all have days of feeling low, and in the sprout, every fall of sunlight rays is as beautiful as morning dew, so we are never meant to bring a fold in their necks for reasons of laments. Therefore, the science fair project is created to uplift momentum of children and dry mentally inclined thoughts.

Every child is worth a bright future.

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