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Nakigalala Resource Centre


The ARMS AROUND AFRICA FOUNDATION Talent Development program aims to:

  • Identify and nurturing talented children and Training who are sufficiently advanced.

  • Develop performing, creative, problem solving, education, musical, entertainment skills and more.

  • Teacher training and workshops.

  • Create situations in which young people can rehearse and show their talents and abilities.

  • Assess the development of learners’ performing and creative skills progressively

  • Cultivate a culture of understanding about gifted art, Talent development, and creativity.

THE TALENT SEARCH PROJECT In a time period in which fast is good and faster is better ARMS AROUND AFRICA FOUNDATION has dedicated itself to run a talent hunt campaign in all regions of the country.

Here, a team of selected members of the society with professional experience in different fields of talent, are assigned a duty of moving region to region to identify young children with a special talent.

This exercise is conducted two times a year that is March to May and June to August usually it starts with creating awareness via media houses like community radios, pinning posters and banners, informing the young people about the talent search competition.

On the event day, a huge number of young talented children turn up to showcase their God-given gifts. Then the panel of AAAF judges chooses among them the ones who have special talents than the others.

As a gesture of inspiration and encouraging others to continue discovering their talents, the victors are awarded certificates and gifts, then they are signed into the organization's talent development program, where an organized supportive environment focus on talent development awaits for them.


ARMS AROUND AFRICA FOUNDATION believes that every child should be able to get quality education, a central guiding principle of our work. We take a “cradle to career” approach—realize their potential.

From non-formal education in the slams (ghettos) and remote villages to formal high school education, we help them stay on track.  The drop-out rate for children in Uganda as reported by UNESCO 2016, is over 68%, so we intervene with remedial education, counseling and financial support, as needed.  Through bursaries and scholarships and other job skills training programs, we empower children and young adults to grow, learn, and become financially independent in this rapidly changing world.

While Uganda can claim improvements in recent years in terms of enrollment in its schools, the vulnerable children from the slums and rural areas are underrepresented, proportionally. Our focus as ARMS AROUND AFRICA FOUNDATION is to create an equal playing field where all children have the same opportunities to go to school. We also place great importance on remedial classes where these young people are helped to improve their reading skills.

To enhance these remedial classes, we are working upon getting a mobile library where a van full of different types of reading books will be available to move deep in the remote areas of Uganda to enable the disadvantaged young children to access the materials.

Many vulnerable smart, highly motivated African children that attend school are not able to afford college, and their dreams are left unrealized. But ARMS AROUND AFRICA FOUNDATION is doing its small part by partnering with organizations and institutions within the country and other parts of the world in supporting scholarships that cover tuition and other costs. As a result, promising students can get a higher education and pursue their passions. We believe by doing so, we are in the cultivation of making Africa a better place tomorrow. 

We hope to see success stories. Using a variety of approaches, the projects we support will enable children in Uganda and the other African countries to grow up to become doctors, nurses, engineers, teachers, social workers, and accountants.

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