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Makindye Resource Centre


The Centre Started as a holding home for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children in Makindye, a Kampala suburb. It has now expanded and evolved to cater for a registered elementary/primary school called BLUE DALES SCHOOL MAKINDYE. It offers the Uganda Primary schools Curriculum.

The center offers several programs including an ART AND CRAFT STUDIO! The two-room space currently hosts a well-weighted mix of (Ugandan ethnic and popular) Music, Dance and Drama classes that offer a thrilling curriculum drawing students not only from the surrounding Makindye Division area but also from across Kampala City and the surrounding regions. There is a lounge for art and craft that allows creativity to flourish!


● Art classes and camps for kids
● Art workshops including pottery, photography, painting and jewelry making
● Open studios that offer space to hone skills in arts and crafts, drawing and painting and hand building in Clay.
● Resource center for both the children and the youth around the area.
● Child Daycare Service
● Pre School
● Primary School
● Adult Literacy
● Community Library
● Community Recreation ground for Kids
The above fantastic classes are sure to inspire the Arts.

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