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We organize to provide fast, efficient and effective Health services to children, youth and women in slum areas. Through our mobile clinics and medical camps, we provide primary health care through conducting tests for malaria, HIV, High blood pressure, diabetes, among other non-communicable diseases. We work with the community within slums thereby improving their health. We have conducted community clean-ups to reduce on garbage. Our First AID trainings cut across the youth and women to ease service delivery. After acquiring our community Ambulance, we created partnerships with Medical Link and M&S Medical provision. 


Our goal is to create a healthy and clean environment within the slum communities. We operate in the divisions of Nakawa, Makindye, Rubaga, Central and Kawempe in Kampala City.


Program Activities:

  • Hiring of Ambulance

  • Mobile clinics

  • Medical camps

  • Community clean-ups

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