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African Girls Forward Club


The African Girls Forward Club is a girls mentorship program that engages teenage or adolescent girls to be the best version of themselves. This is a membership-based platform that promotes healthy living, culture and moral values to create action team volunteers and community change makers. We aim at restoring the indigenous African values, provide safe spaces for young girls, build their self-esteem, promote value-based relationships, prevent new HIV infections by providing relevant information on various Vital life skills. Through these clubs, we use models that mirror African community values. We target girls between 12 – 18 years and draw from the rich African cultural diversity and use mediums such as fashion, language, practical traditional trainings as well as music, dance and drama. Our annual cultural gala events attract different teenage troupes from all regions tackling the challenges of young girls. We are focused on developing well composed and culturally proud young ladies; slaying the African way.



Our main goal is to nurture girls with a Difference who will become change agents within their schools and communities.

Program activities

​• Cultural Galas
• Skill Training
• Self-Esteem
• Language
• Tailor-made fieldwork

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